How To Use Spirit Calling Bell

How To Use Spirit Calling Bell. A bell capable of summoning various spirits from ashen remains. You summon spirit ashes in elden ring by assigning them to your quick items in equipment.

Elden Ring Summons How To Get The Spirit Calling Bell from

Once you’ve received the calling bell, simply open your equipment and select an empty quick item slot. Renna will spawn in the church of elleh after you receive torrent from melina, so ride over to the church to meet the witch. You really want to go onto your things menu and use the lone wolf ashes or use various ashes in the limit menu.

You Can Only Use Them During Bosses Or When Fighting Larger Groups Of Enemy’s.

How to use the bell¶ to summon a spirit, you’ll first have to equip the ash (such as the lone wolf ashes you just received) and head to an area where they can be summoned. You will find renna most. Then you use the spirit item (not the bell, but the spirit itself).

How To Use The Spirit Calling Bell In Elden Ring Once You Have It, You Can Use A Summon Like Jellyfish Ashes Or Lone Wolf Ashes By Equipping It.

Lone wolf ashes grant you the ability to call in three phantom wolves to aid you in battle. After getting torrent from melina, head to the site of grace at the church of elleh at night time and renna will call the tarnished over. Answer correctly and she’ll hand you the spirit calling bell along with the lone wolf ashes.

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From There, Head East Up The Main.

It usually requires fp to use. To get the spirit calling bell, head to the church or elleh site of grace, which can be found north of the stranded graveyard as soon as you enter the main world. How to use spirit calling bell?

How To Get The Spirit Calling Bell.

With the spirit calling bell in hand, you can now summon spirits to assist you, which means you can use the ashes items. And you can only summon it in single player. Renna will spawn in the church of elleh after you receive torrent from melina, so ride over to the church to meet the witch.

Open Your Equipment Inventory And You Can Spirit Ashes To Either In Your Quickslot Pouch Or The Shortcut Menu (Accessed By Holding.

Consuming spirits costs fp , which means it. Once you have the spirit calling bell, you need to equip your first spirit ashes, renna will give you the lone wolf ashes when you hand over the bell, and it’s a great first option to use. You need to basically make a trip to the gate front ruins and travel toward the north or east towards the site of lost grace.

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