How Much Snow Did Boston Get

How Much Snow Did Boston Get. Sharon had 30.4 inches of snow at 6:54 p.m., while logan airport reported 23.5 inches at 7p.m. Snowfall reports received as of 8:30 pm sat.

How Much Snow Did Boston Get During 2016 Blizzard? from

The overnight snowfall brought 9.8 inches of snow to boston, according to the national weather service (nws) in boston. Here are the latest snowfall totals from the national weather. Boston — some areas of massachusetts received several inches of snow from sunday into early monday after the entire region of southern new.

There Are Snow Alarms Throughout The Boston Area.

The alert is till the following 12 pm. Stoughton had 30.9 inches of snow, while logan airport reported 23.8 inches. Blowing snow on the waterfront in the east boston neighborhood of boston partially obscures the skyline, monday, feb.

How Much Snow Fell In Boston?

New england residents woke up to heavy snow falling friday and several inches of snow accumulated on the ground by the afternoon. Snow totals for february 25, 2022. As of 1 pm, here are how our climate sites stand in terms of snowfall from the season's first major winter storm:

Here Are The Latest Snowfall Totals From The National.

How many inches of snow fell during the blizzard of ’78? Download our local news and weather app for. The region receives between 14 and 49 inches of.

Here’s A Look At Some Of The Early Snowfall Totals From Cities And Towns Across New England:

In northborough, the nearest to worcester, the national weather service reported 6.6. As demonstrated by the reports, the caution uttermost spans of snow in boston have been crossed. During that time there, the record amount of snow to fall in a single day at boston is 23.6 inches (59.9 centimetres) on february.

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How Much Snow Falls In Boston Each Year?

How much snow did boston get? Boston has tied the record for biggest 1 day snowfall! 24.2 inches as of 8:20 p.m.

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