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D4C Aut. This stand cannot be obtained. This stand is the evolved version of dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

[AUT] Fix D4C YouTube
[AUT] Fix D4C YouTube from

Our roblox a universal time (aut) stand rarity tier list sorts all the stands in the game according to the rarity according to the devs. If the opponent is near d4c during the bullet shot, it will punch them from the side, dealing an additional 25 damage and good knockback. [aut] *new* d4c love train stand update 🔥 coming to a universal time roblox'we take a look at the brand new update that is coming to aut or a universal time.

Gunshot, Shoots A Gun Once That Does 50 Dmg, 2 Sec Cooldown Y:

D4c summons five clones of the user that would attack your opponent, each dealing 12.5 damage. D4c is among the most powerful stands in the series. Love train) is a part 7 (steel ball run, shortened to sbr) stand used by funny valentine.

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Go on to discover millions of awesome videos and pictures in. The individual recently displayed to some extent 62 and segment 61 of the steel ball run manga. Could be found in urf (one for all).

Our Roblox A Universal Time (Aut) Stand Rarity Tier List Sorts All The Stands In The Game According To The Rarity According To The Devs.

The clone will receive d4c and will have 100 health, however the user. This stand cannot be obtained. This patch brings the new ability mero mero to the game, and reworks of abilities like planet shaper and gold experience.

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Roblox Aut Has Released The New Valentine’s Day Update On February 15Th, 2022.

Remember that you will have to summon your stand to be able to perform these moves. Almost every stand got itself some new skins, and you will be able to obtain both yone and yasuo. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap (commonly shortened to d4c) is the stand of funny valentine, featured in jojo’s bizarre adventure:

If The Bullet Hits The Opponent, It Deals 10 Damage And Stuns Them For 2 Seconds.

There is a lot wrong with this list but its not terrible. The person previously showed up in part 62 and section 61 of the steel ball run manga. Is d4c good with his recent buff?

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